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Referral Bonus Program

Are you a Property and Casualty Agency, Financial Planner, or Senior Community Professional?  Would you like to earn $100 per Referral that Results in a Sale?  Do you know the basics of Medicare, but don't know all the ins and outs, or have the time to answer your retired or active client’s questions about Medicare? There is a potential risk that they could go elsewhere, be taken advantage of by a random telephone solicitor, or a do it yourself internet website.  A wrong Medicare decision could drastically impact your client’s financial plans in the future.  MSIS of Michigan, can help both you and your clients for all Medicare solutions while working with a local professional that can always be reached easily.

Wouldn't it  be nice to not have to commit endless hours into understanding the Health and Medicare industry, signing contracts, or completing certifications when we could offer 20+ years of combined experience to you and your clients?  We will never sell a product to your client, except what you expect from us in advance.  MSIS of Michigan works exclusively with Medicare beneficiaries.  We are not a property and casualty company nor financial planners.   Our agency would love to work and build a long-term relationship with you and your business.

If you are interested in adding us to your referral list to earn $100 per Referral that Results in a Sale, please contact Curtis Hewitt at 906.225.1520 at Ext. 1, locally or Janet Sears at our national office at 229.249.5234.

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